My images are printed using the Giclee´ process to provide the most exacting reproduction of my experience behind the viewfinder.  Giclee´ (Zhee-Clay) is a printing process that results in high quality fine art photographic image reproduction.  It’s a hands-on method that creates a print with a resolution four times higher than typical lithograph process presses. Each image is printed one at a time; cured, treated, hand trimmed and signed,  This is a three day process.  A true piece of fine art results when archival materials are used by a Master Printer with over 20 years of experience.   My only interest is to provide the highest quality photographic images and prints possible. All prints carry a Lifetime Warranty against fading, cracking or peeling. My prints are museum certified and have an archival rating of 70-years.   The prints are offered in the following sizes: Print Sizes                                Prices 5” x 7”                                     $32 8” x 12 “                                  $73 11” x 14”                                 $195 Note:  The 8” x 12” and the 11” x 14” include a 1” border to allow for matting.  The dimensions shown are finished dimensions. A 1-1/2” color margin with an accent band in a complimentary color can be created.  Please use the Contact Us link for the additional cost. Larger sizes are available; please use the Contact Us link for a quote.
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