Feb 122011

Project Overview

Cast glass and stainless steel raised eating counter

Mill Street Fabricators has recently completed a project incorporating stainless steel and glass.  Mill Street partnered with Crawford Company’s Custom Welded Fabrication Division and Meltdown Glass to deliver the project.  The piece, a raised glass eating counter on a kitchen island, was designed by Mill Street in collaboration with the General Contractor and home owner. 

The design for the glass and bracketing first was submitted to Crawford Company to cut a template for the glass and an etched outline for the bracketing.  The template was used by Crawford to fabricate the stainless steel bracketing and then shipped to Meltdown Glass to be used as a pattern for the cast glass.  The cast glass incorporated flat areas in order to accept the bracketing in the highly patterned piece.

Once the stainless steel bracketing was completed it was sent out to have a glass bead blast finish applied and then shipped to the contractor.  Meltdown Glass shipped their finished work just in time for installation.

The home owner and contractor have praised the artistic approach to providing a unique and functional element to the new kitchen.

Bracketing Detail

Close view of Stainless Steel support bracket with satin, glass bead blast finish.

The stainless steel with a glass bead blast finish bracket was shipped and installed before the Granite Counter was set.  The design consideration was to keep the counter top free from glass supports and for the bracketing to be minimally intrusive to the glass.


Closer View of Glass and Pattern

Closer view of cast glass counter with hand laid pattern and supported by Stainless Steel bracket with satin, glass bead blast finish.

The glass pattern design and blank outs for the bracket were laid by hand in the kiln mould before firing.  The etched, laser cut template supplied by Crawford to Meltdown Glass allowed for the phasing of the elements to be delivered in time to be incorporated into the project as progress dictated.  The bracketing had an early delivery date and the glass was shipped to the job site near completion.

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